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Pain in the chest, may be the sign of heart attack

If there is pain in the chest, then understand the sign of heart attack 

With the onset of winter, the cases of heart attack increase. It cannot be only the elderly. Therefore, become aware now to reduce the risk of heart disease through lifestyle changes.

Just as there are some rules to keep the heart healthy, it is also important to recognize the symptoms of heart attack. Otherwise, the patient will not understand even if the signal is given at the right time.

This pain occurs right in the middle of the chest. The left side of the chest may also twist with pain. There may be sudden severe pain. It is as if breathing has stopped. You may feel a lot of pressure in your chest at this time.

The pain gradually starts descending from the chest to the left arm. At the same time, sweating can happen more in winter. Dizziness may also occur. May be accompanied by nausea.

This is not the only symptom that can be seen in case of a heart attack. Heart attack symptoms can vary in women with diabetes. Although chest pain is not very much, but there are some other symptoms as well.


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In this case, mild to severe shortness of breath may occur. When it seems, the body lacks oxygen. A little oxygen would be nice. At the same time there may be excessive sweating and sudden dizziness.

Dizziness while walking on the road. Mild fainting attacks and irregular heartbeat. Sudden chest palpitations may also occur.

f you feel these symptoms suddenly, do not avoid these symptoms. Any of these can be symptoms of a heart attack. Chest pain is a symptom of heart disease, but the pain can be elsewhere in the body.

For example, pain in the gums, sudden pain in the back, pain just above the abdomen, which many people mistake for gas-heartburn. Therefore, if there is sudden pain anywhere in the body, then immediately seek the help of a doctor.

To save life, one should take care of the heart beforehand. Must see a doctor. Treatment should be started after conducting necessary tests.



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