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There are many common phobias such as confined spaces, heights, driving, flying, insects, snakes and needlesThat said, there is a long list of phobias that show us that we can be afraid of anything. Phobias usually develop in childhood, but they can also develop throughout life.

Usually, people with phobias understand that the phobia is irrational, but cannot control the feeling of fear. Just thinking about the feared object or situation can cause a person to feel anxious, have an increased heart rate, feel dizzy, restless, cry, or faint. When exposed to phobia-causing stimuli, people feel overwhelmed and experience a sense of fear.

The feeling is so terrifying that a person may go to great lengths to avoid it, often due to discomfort or lifestyle changes. For example, Craig, who suffered from claustrophobia, did not want to fly on a plane and could not meet his daughter who lives in England. She hasn't seen him for years and now she's getting married. His fear was so deep that he could not even book a ticket to see him. "I could fly. My wife had to stand outside the toilet door on the plane, because I felt so anxious in this confined space that I couldn't close the door. And worse and I decided that I No more flying. When my daughter wanted to get married, I realized I had to do something about it. I decided that this phobia would help me on my daughter's wedding day, not ruin it."

There is a difference between being afraid of a dangerous situation and being afraid without actually being in danger. Fear is a natural response that can either protect us or hinder us in life. If we are in a dangerous situation, it serves a defensive purpose, activating the automatic "fight or flight" response. With our bodies and minds alert and ready for action, we are able to react quickly in a more narrowly focused way and have the opportunity to defend ourselves.

However, in the case of phobias, the danger is exaggerated or even absent. For example, it's normal to be afraid of a large, aggressive-looking dog in front of you, but it's not as logical to be afraid of a friendly poodle as you are to be afraid of dogs.

There are several signs to determine if you have a phobia:

Physical signs and symptoms

shortness of breath

Heart palpitations

Chest pain or tightness

Trembling or tremors

Sweating or chills

Uncomfortable feeling


Psychiatric signs and symptoms

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or nervous

must escape

Know that emotion is not logic

It looks like you're dying

Feeling out of control and powerless

Feeling "unreal" or disconnected from yourself

It is important to know that phobias are common and many people suffer from different phobias. It's good to know that phobias are highly treatable and often clients only need to come in for three to four sessions to overcome a phobia.

Lin, who had a phobia of holes (trypophobia), reported that she had a phobia of insects as a child and developed this "new" phobia over the years. He did not see beehives, dried flowers with holes, Bambi or any other object with holes. Often he couldn't go out into nature or even go on Facebook because he was afraid of coming into contact with "something ugly". It seemed so hard. My heart started racing, I fainted and just wanted to run away from anything with holes. I felt embarrassed and weakened by my reaction because Can't understand why others haven't."

Lynn and Craig decide to try hypnotherapy. After explaining their feelings and reactions in detail, they are hypnotized and shown to be able to gently overcome their fears. Hypnotherapy combined with slow sensitization techniques helped him overcome his fears quickly and effectively. Each required only four sessions and was "phobia free".

It was amazing to be able to use the toilet by myself on the plane. My wife never had to stand in front of the door. When we were overseas we even went on a boat trip to the Philippines where we had to sleep in a cabin on the ship. I had everything perfect. I can't believe I got this fob

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