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Here are 140 types of Health calculators: 

  1. Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
  2. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator
  3. Waist-to-Hip Ratio Calculator
  4. Calorie Intake Calculator
  5. Daily Water Intake Calculator
  6. Target Heart Rate Calculator
  7. Blood Pressure Calculator
  8. Heart Rate Recovery Calculator
  9. Body Fat Percentage Calculator
  10. Ideal Body Weight Calculator
  11. Lean Body Mass Calculator
  12. Maximum Heart Rate Calculator
  13. One-Rep Max Calculator (Weightlifting)
  14. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator
  15. Gestational Age Calculator
  16. Ovulation Calculator
  17. Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) Calculator
  18. Cholesterol Ratio Calculator
  19. VO2 Max Calculator (Cardiorespiratory Fitness)
  20. Alcohol Unit Calculator
  21. Daily Caloric Expenditure Calculator
  22. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Calculator
  23. Macronutrient Calculator
  24. Protein Intake Calculator
  25. Carbohydrate Intake Calculator
  26. Fat Intake Calculator
  27. Glycemic Index Calculator
  28. Ideal Waist Size Calculator
  29. Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator
  30. Frame Size Calculator
  31. 10-Year Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Calculator
  32. Estimated Average Glucose (eAG) Calculator
  33. Body Surface Area (BSA) Calculator
  34. Ideal Blood Pressure Range Calculator
  35. Body Water Percentage Calculator
  36. Daily Fiber Intake Calculator
  37. Maximum Aerobic Capacity Calculator
  38. Waist-to-Height Ratio Calculator
  39. Ideal Muscle Mass Calculator
  40. Lean Body Mass Index (LBMI) Calculator
  41. Daily Step Goal Calculator
  42. Exercise Calories Burned Calculator
  43. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator
  44. Body Water Deficit Calculator
  45. Ideal Protein Intake for Athletes Calculator
  46. Estimated Energy Requirement (EER) Calculator
  47. Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) Calculator
  48. Healthy Weight Range Calculator
  49. Waist Circumference Calculator
  50. Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator
  51. Maximum Muscular Potential Calculator
  52. Body Volume Index (BVI) Calculator
  53. Muscle Mass Index (MMI) Calculator
  54. Bone Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
  55. Framingham Risk Score Calculator
  56. Nutritional Needs for Pregnant Women Calculator
  57. Nutritional Needs for Breastfeeding Women Calculator
  58. Nutritional Needs for Children Calculator
  59. Nutritional Needs for Older Adults Calculator
  60. Nutritional Needs for Athletes Calculator
  61. Ideal Waist-to-Height Ratio Calculator
  62. Maximum Heart Rate Reserve Calculator
  63. Body Shape Index (ABSI) Calculator
  64. Estimated Blood Volume Calculator
  65. Healthy Aging Calculator
  66. Lean Body Mass Percentage Calculator
  67. Daily Sugar Intake Calculator
  68. Iron Intake Calculator
  69. Vitamin D Intake Calculator
  70. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Calculator
  71. Daily Sodium Intake Calculator
  72. Ideal Waist-to-Chest Ratio Calculator
  73. Blood Donation Eligibility Calculator
  74. Alcohol Consumption Tracker
  75. Body Weight Planner
  76. Ideal Body Measurements Calculator
  77. Energy Expenditure Calculator for Physical Activities
  78. Carbohydrate-to-Insulin Ratio Calculator
  79. Weight Loss Goal Calculator
  80. Estimated Time to Reach Goal Weight Calculator
  81. Estimated Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Calculator
  82. Basal Energy Expenditure (BEE) Calculator
  83. Body Temperature Conversion Calculator
  84. Daily Vitamin and Mineral Requirements Calculator
  85. Ideal Sleep Duration Calculator
  86. Estimated Recovery Time Calculator
  87. Oxygen Saturation Calculator
  88. Fertility Window Calculator
  89. Ideal Heart Rate for Exercise Calculator
  90. Total Body Water Calculator
  91. Lean Body Mass Percentage Calculator
  92. Protein Intake for Muscle Gain Calculator
  93. Protein Intake for Weight Loss Calculator
  94. Healthy Aging Assessment Calculator
  95. Ideal Bone Density Calculator
  96. Ideal Waist-to-Hip Ratio for Health Calculator
  97. Caloric Expenditure for Different Activities Calculator
  98. Waist-to-Height Ratio for Health Calculator
  99. Daily Fruit and Vegetable Intake Calculator
  100. Healthy Blood Sugar Range Calculator
  101. Lean Body Mass to Body Fat Ratio Calculator
  102. Daily Calcium Intake Calculator
  103. Estimated VO2 Max Calculator
  104. Caloric Expenditure for Running Calculator
  105. Ideal Target Weight Calculator
  106. Resting Heart Rate (RHR) Calculator
  107. Metabolic Age Calculator
  108. Menstrual Cycle Tracker
  109. Estimated Time to Reach Fitness Goal Calculator
  110. BMI Percentile Calculator for Children
  111. Waist-to-Height Ratio for Children Calculator
  112. Daily Fiber Requirement Calculator
  113. Protein Intake for Vegetarians Calculator
  114. Blood Donation Frequency Calculator
  115. Estimated Energy Expenditure for Different Sports Calculators
  116. Healthy Weight Gain Calculator
  117. Ideal Sleep Schedule Calculator
  118. Daily Vitamin C Intake Calculator
  119. Daily Iron Intake Calculator
  120. Ideal Fluid Intake Calculator
  121. Body Water Balance Calculator
  122. Maximum Recommended Heart Rate Calculator
  123. Body Temperature Fever Check
  124. Healthy Cooking Measurement Converter
  125. Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator
  126. Baby Growth Percentile Calculator
  127. Ideal Protein Intake for Vegans Calculator
  128. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Estimation for Weight Loss Calculator
  129. Daily Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake Calculator
  130. Ideal Carb Cycling Calculator
  131. Healthy Snack Ideas Generator
  132. Nutritional Needs for Men Calculator
  133. Nutritional Needs for Women Calculator
  134. Healthy Recipe Nutrition Analyzer
  135. Ideal Heart Rate For Fat Burning Calculator
  136. Maximum Safe Weight Loss Rate Calculator
  137. Ideal Vitamin D Intake Calculator
  138. Target Macronutrient Ratio Calculator
  139. Fitness Age Calculator
  140. Healthy Aging Brain Health Assessment

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